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Rapunzel Moto Gaiter - Black/Fleece-Lined

Rapunzel Moto Gaiter - Black/Fleece-Lined

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MRM co-founder Anastasia Allison has long hair...and she likes to ride all year. While riding in the cool, PNW winter, she noticed a problem with available neck gaiter options: Namely, if you have long hair... they just don't work.

If you are a long-haired human... you know what I'm talking about. Your braid either pops out of the top of the gaiter (preventing you from being able to tuck it into your jacket or helmet)... OR you have to tuck it inside your jacket (which is uncomfortable).

Enter... The Rapunzel Gaiter (patent pending). This is a double-layered, fleece-lined neck gaiter for cold weather motorsports. Mindfully designed with 3 unique 'pigtail ports' - the Rapunzel gaiter is specifically designed to be compatible with long hair for riders. The gaiter works in three specific ways, designed to keep you warm and your skin covered while riding in cool temperatures: a single side braid or ponytail, pigtails (or double pony tails, and a back braid (or pony tail). 

Let me assure you - if you have long hair, this gaiter is life changing for riding during cooler weather. NEVER AGAIN WILL YOUR NECK BE COLD - trust me. You're going to love it!  

You can watch the announcement video about the Rapunzel Gaiter here:


  • double-layered, fleece-lined
  • pigtail ports 'seal' gaiter from wind while riding
  • designed to be used in cool temperatures
  • ports for a single side braid, pigtails or a back braid or pony tail
  • made by hand in the USA
  • UPF Rating of 50 +
  • One size fits most
  • 10" x 11" inches 
  • 5 oz

Fabric content:

outer: 88% micropoly/ 12% spandex

fleece: 100% microgrid recycled poly

Care instructions:

Machine wash cold, tumble dry low, do not bleach, iron or dry clean. Avoid fabric softeners.

The Rapunzel Moto Gaiters are made right here in the USA and these are *not* an easy product to make. The 'pigtail ports' are specifically designed to 'seal' the gaiter so that wind doesn't rush in while riding. If you have long hair and you do moto-sports, we promise you - you will never want to use another neck gaiter ever again. This one is IT.  

Fabric content:

  • Microfleece: 100% Polyester made from 87% recycled materials 
  • outer: 88% micropoly + 12% spandex with superior moisture management 
  • Care: Machine wash cold, Tumble Dry low, do not bleach, iron or dry clean. Avoid fabric softeners
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