We’re Aaron and Anastasia Allison…

And we’re so glad you’re here. 

We’re the co-founders of Milk Run Moto. We also happen to be married, which makes running this business a true product of love.

“Milk runs,” motorcycles, and falling back in love…  


The story behind the name

Six years into our marriage, our relationship had slipped into a form of auto-pilot.

I (Anastasia), had left my “traditional” job to start my company, Kula Cloth... while Aaron continued his 14-hour graveyard shifts working for the railroad.

Needless to say, this wasn’t a great combination. We struggled to prioritize spending time together as much as we used to. Realizing we needed to make a change in our relationship, we took a leap into the unknown: Aaron quit his job and we trusted that we'd “figure it out.”

When most people quit their jobs, the first thing that they do usually ISN’T go out and buy four motorcycles. 

Call us nuts, but we both felt very excited about doing this... and I'm the type of person that trusts the things that feel good and exciting. So, that’s exactly what we did. 

As we fell in love with riding our new motorcycles, we also rekindled our connection. We fell in love again through shared rides, intercom conversations, coffee shop visits, and crossword puzzles. 

We came up with every possible excuse to ride the motorcycles. Every single time we needed anything at the store, we'd ride our motorcycles. Pretty soon, “going on a milk run” became a sort of secret code for riding our motorcycles and spending time together. We never actually needed milk (ok, maybe we needed half-and-half once). 

And so, the name for Milk Run Moto was born. 

A lesson from the road…

One last thing before you go on your way.

As a rider, you know that riding a motorcycle makes even the most “normal” road feel like a magical world. 

It also (sneakily) brings you into the present moment. (That’s why we say we’re a mindful moto gear company – riding is itself a form of meditation!). 

Trust the moment and trust the road… the things you love will lead you exactly where you need to go. 

When Aaron left his job and we decided to buy motorcycles, we had absolutely no intention of starting a gear company... but the universe works in mysterious ways when you follow one moment to the next, around each curve in the road. 

Thank you so much for being here and thank you for supporting our small motorcycle gear business – it means so much to both of us! 

We hope our gear makes your journey more comfortable, convenient, and joyful… so that you can focus on experiencing the possibilities in every moment.


Aaron and Anastasia Allison